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is set on a dystopian island, surrounded by a sea made of plastic. The audience follow two islanders going about their daily lives. The islander characters, although human like the audience, are yellow and discoloured, and are visibly ill and stuck. They are always busy doing something however they do not seem to know what they are doing nor why. There daily routine feels pointless, exhausting and is clearly adding to the damage and pollution that surrounds them, however they seem completely unaware and naïve to this. Habits are old and they need to understand that a change is needed if they want to survive.


There is a third character, the Sea, who moves through the plastic sea with difficulty giving the islanders apples and care that goes unnoticed and without thanks. Until one day, finally, one of the islanders notices the Sea and realizes how their actions are hurting them. Is there hope for the islanders or will it be the end of their story?

The three performers will fill the space, transforming it into a hypothetical world not really far from reality, and are the voice, the messengers, the storytellers of love, sustainability, plastic, relationships, rituals and environment awareness.


The story is funny and light-hearted, although dark and dystopian, beginning of the work spirals into a chilling and visceral image of where we are heading if we do not change our habits. 

I believe the only way to talk about dark and uncomfortable truths is through clowning. In this vain, the piece mixes together silly, lovable and humorous characters with powerful and stark images of our potential future.

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Download our production dossier with more information, all the technical information, photos and cast biography.

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Our Calendar 2024 is open for bookings. Please contact us and we will provide you with an accurate quote for show or show + workshops.

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CarlosAra&CO. is always open for new collaborations with communities and other companies for new projects. If you are interested bringing climate crisis, environment and sustainability into theatre contact us for a brainstorming proposal.

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